Friday, May 14, 2010

Marriage and Communication – The Missing Factor

Someone asked the other day, “Weren’t you just talking to your wife five minutes ago?” and I replied yes. Then they went on to ask what is was that we could possibly have to say to each other so often in one day. Obviously, this person had never experienced being in a successful relationship or they would not have needed to ask that question. The key to any successful relationship; especially a marriage, is communication.
My wife and I probably talk on the phone at least twenty times per day. We both have grueling schedules and it is therefore necessary to synchronize what we have to do; especially when it comes to our children. We have three children who range in age from five years to sixteen months. But aside from their schedules, we have schedules of our own that we have to deal with. Another and even more important reason why we constantly communicate is basically to deal with the pressures of life; to de-stress and offload. It is important that as partners, we know the difficulties that plague each other on the job. This helps the other person to understand why your partner may be in a rotten mood after work and perhaps to surprise him or her with a distraction that will lighten the mood when you are both at home.
Communication is paramount when you are married. When you have a partner with whom you can hold a conversation on just about anything, then it makes the marriage more interesting and exciting. Statistics have shown that most marriages fail because of a lack of communication.

So the first place to look is to examine if you and your partner is really communicating with each other. If not make the necessary changes as far as you are able, and then make it as easy as possible for your partner to adjust without you criticizing. Always remember a successful relationship will certainly benefit both of you.

Until then, keep the lines of communication open without any static


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